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Great news this week.  LookWhatWeFound, the environment and local farmer friendly food company have very generously agreed to provide us with some of their fantastic ready meals for our 2,500 miles around Britain.  In case you haven’t had one before, they are the tastiest long life ready meals you could ever wish for at the end of a long hard day’s paddling.  Their lightweight packaging means they are also perfect for storing in the hatches of our kayaks. The only challenge now is to agree amongst the three of us which meals to go for.  Their meatballs are my personal favourite!

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A little trip ‘up country’ this week to see family and friends was perfectly timed to coincide with the delivery of a new double kayak from Marsport.

This little lovely will be carrying Andrew and I the 125 gruelling miles in next years Devizes to Westminster.  Can’t wait to get her out on the water for the first time next week.


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